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Communicate with your students PRO

Post important announcements that immediately become visible to all of your students. Perfect for announcing a pop quiz or a reminder that the field trip bus leaves at 6:00 A.M. sharp.

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Effortlessly post content PRO

Publish homework assignments, links, notes, and handouts with ease. Upload files, including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint. Post the week's vocabulary words or an extra credit assignment.

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Create effective reports

Generate a variety of reports, including pre-defined report cards and missing assignment reports, as well as blank reports showing students, assignments, and much more. Reports are generated in Microsoft Word or PDF.

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Customize your seating chart and your classroom

Go beyond the seating chart. Design your classroom by placing seats and other objects, assigning colors, and defining labels. Not sure where to seat your students? Assign their seats at random.

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