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Essential classroom management software, all in one place

Take attendance, plan your lessons, enter grades, and view classroom statistics, all from the convenience of your web browser.

Transparent access to students and parents PRO

Provide controlled access to students and parents, enabling them to view assignments, grades, attendance and discipline records, and announcements. No need to print and distribute report cards or homework sheets to your students.

A safe and secure environment

Safe and Secure IconRest assured that all data transferred between your computer and the GPA Software suite is encrypted using SSL. Not only that, it's backed up every night. No need to worry about losing your data. And you can access your data from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Grades Editor in Traditional Mode
  • Statistics Module: Final Grades
  • Take Attendance From a Seating Chart
  • Student and Parent Access: Posts
PRO Indicates feature is available only in GPA Teacher Professional
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