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How much does the service cost? And what's included?

GPA Teacher Basic is available at no charge1. GPA Teacher Professional is available as an annual subscription for only $391. This cost includes all features described on the Features page. A free, no-commitment 30-day trial is available for GPA Teacher Professional. Additionally, a comparison chart between Basic and Professional is on the Features page. Please contact us for information about group discounts.

Do students and parents have access to the data?

Students only have access to their grades, attendance records, disciplinary notes, and other classroom-related messages. Parents have access to the same data as their children. All other classroom data is isolated and private, only visible to the teacher.

How secure is GPA Teacher? Is my data safe?

There are many security measures in place to protect all GPA Software data. Data transferred between your Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and our servers are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption2 through SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Our servers are physically located in a state-of-the-art datacenter employing 24/7 security personnel, biometric security, and locked cages to prevent unauthorized access to the server machines.

How likely is it that my data might be lost due to a computer problem?

Your data is backed up nightly and securely transferred to two distinct offsite locations. This ensures our ability to completely recover any lost data, even in the most catastrophic situations. Worst case scenario? Extremely unlikely, but you might have to re-enter a day's worth of data.

What are the system requirements? Can GPA Teacher run on my Mac?

GPA Teacher runs on all modern operating systems, including both Mac OS X and Windows. Supported Web browsers include: Apple Safari 3 or later; Firefox 2 or later; Internet Explorer 6 or later; and Google Chrome. No other software is required.

Why should I use GPA Teacher? Why don't I simply use traditional classroom applications that I can install on my own computer?

GPA Teacher provides many advantages over traditional classroom applications. Most notably, GPA Teacher is online, so use it anywhere. And rest assured that all data is safe and secure.

Further, with GPA Teacher's visual user interface, you have all the tools you need to manage your classroom and effectively communicate with students, their parents, and school administrators. Get instant access to grades, attendance and discipline records, assignments, events, and messages posted by students and parents alike.

Finally, GPA Teacher is lightweight and easy to use, requiring no software installation on your computer. After signing up online, you're completely up and running.

What grading modes are supported? Can I define my own grading standards?

GPA Teacher gives you the ability to define your assignments and how they're graded. Grades on each assignment are calculated based on weights, codes, categories, and rounding options that you can define.

Further, you may define your own benchmarks and standards with ease, recording your standards-based grades through our visual user interface. Set up your grading preferences and let GPA Teacher do the math for you.

What reports and charting capabilities are available? Can I create report cards and progress reports?

Using GPA Teacher, you can generate a variety of colorful and customizable charts and reports, including pre-defined report cards and progress reports that can be emailed or printed. Further, GPA Teacher gives you the ability to slice up your data, so you can organize it by assignment or category, or whatever you need.

Reports are generated in Microsoft Word or PDF. And you don't have to wait until the end of the marking period or term to generate your reports. Through our visual user interface, generate a report at any time.

Finally, if we're missing a report that you need, please let us know. We'll create it for you, at no additional cost.

1 All pricing subject to change
2 Actual encryption strength depends on your Web browser; using the latest browser version will ensure the most powerful and secure encryption is used to transfer your data.